Request-ish Thing

2017-02-12 01:49:22 by Warden-Sigma

Oh hey, I'm doing an expression challenge thing (or three) on me Tumblr, thought I'd post them here as well so you can suggest your own ideas.

First One, Second One, and Third One (this one's nsfw)

So yeah, you can give me suggestions either here or through the Tumbl

I wanna draw...

2016-12-08 06:22:09 by Warden-Sigma

...lewd/NSFW things

Give me ideas, if you have any.

No guarantee I'll actually draw them any time soon if at all, what with my request thing I still have to complete, but I like having people give me ideas.


2016-11-01 00:53:27 by Warden-Sigma

Now that my profile is fully set-up, I think I might kick off this new profile by taking requests and stuff.

You can request up to three ideas each, pretty much any time from now to Thurdsay 4th November (04:00 GMT).

Some guidelines to help:

Have fun :)